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Founded in 1998, Acoucou is one of the head brands of modern electronic technology and has been active in the field of global traditional foreign trade business, and our strength is precipitated by years of production and trade experience. Battery as the content of Acoucou's emerging projects, scientific research and production capacity is an important basis for us to ensure the function, safety and upgrade of our products.

Most solid support for you 

We provide industry-leading technical and product support, and our strict qualification rates ensure that every product receives good market feedback. At the same time, our strong technical production capabilities mean you don't have to go through more than a few choices. In addition to the one-stop sourcing service for battery products, a broader market of cutting-edge electronic products is available to help you do business better through Acoucou.

Our History

Originating in 1998, with over 20 years of manufacturing experience, focusing on the cutting-edge electronics market, strong R&D capabilities are the foundation of Acoucou.

Our Factory

27,000 square meters of research and production base, 500 employees on staff, 12 industry-leading technology production lines, and more than 70 software and hardware engineers.

Our annual shipments

The product line covers high-precision intelligent electronic products, with business scope covering more than 30 countries on 5 continents, annual shipments of more than 100W, and production capacity and supply capability trusted by global partners.


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Countries covered


Global partners


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Revolutionize Your Energy Solutions with Our All-in-One Energy Storage SystemAcoucou has dedicated itself to developing innovative solar products for customers around the world. Acoucou carries a full range of specially designed power solutions for vehicles, boats, homes, and more.

Our catalog offers suppliers a selection of complete solar systems as well as individual components, saving you time and money in the long run.Are you tired of juggling multiple energy storage solutions? Say goodbye to complexity and inefficiency with our groundbreaking all-in-one energy storage system. 

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Clean Energy Integration
Customizable Solutions
Proven Performance

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Acoucou is a global renewable energy company that leading manufacturer of Lifepo4 batteries and home energy storage solutions.

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