How to choose an outdoor power supply?

How to choose an outdoor power supply?

The only purpose of this article is to save your time with the data I have compiled and to provide you with a comprehensive introductionWhat is an outdoor power supply? and the points to keep in mind when shopping.
                                                                  Without further ado, let's get right to it!

1, what is an outdoor power supply, and what is the difference between a power bank?

Outdoor power supply, actually called outdoor mobile power, is equivalent to a portable charging station. The main feature is the configuration of various types of output ports:
1. USB and TypeC can charge general digital devices.
2. Car charger interface, you can charge the car battery, or other car equipment power supply.
3. Support 220V AC output, equivalent to using the mains at home.

What is the difference between the Power bank?

1, output power

Currently, on the market cell phone charging power, the output power of the larger is almost 22.5W. to the laptop charging power, can go to 45-50W.
And outdoor power supplies, start are in 200W, most brands are more than 500W, and the maximum can be more than 2000W.
High power, meaning the ability to use high-power appliances

2, capacity

Before comparing the capacity, I have to introduce you to the unit.
The unit of the rechargeable battery is mAh (milliamp hour), which is also generally referred to as mAh.
The unit for outdoor power is Wh (watt-hour).

Why is there such a difference?

1, because the power bank is relatively small, the output voltage of the cell phone power bank is 3.6V and the same working voltage as the phone.
Also because of the voltage problem, if you want to use a power bank to charge the laptop (operating voltage of 19V), You also have to buy a laptop-specific power bank.
2, Wh this unit, in fact, refers to the power consumption or capacity, you may not have seen. But I say this, you will have a little impression of it.
1000Wh = 1kWh
The conversion formula of these 2 units: W (work in Wh) = U (voltage in V) * Q (charge in Ah)
So, the capacity of a 20000mAh cell phone power bank is 3.6V * 20Ah = 72Wh.
The general outdoor power capacity is at least 300Wh. this is the capacity gap.

As an example: (without considering the loss)
The working voltage of the cell phone battery is 3.6V and the charge is 4000mAh, then the capacity of the cell phone battery = 3.6V * 4Ah = 14.4Wh.
If a 20,000mAh power bank charges this phone, it can be charged 72/14.4 ≈ 5 times.

2, What can an outdoor power supply do?

When you need electricity outdoors, the outdoor power supply can help you. For example.
1, outdoor stalls, to power the light bulbs.
2, outdoor camping and driving, there are many places that use electricity, you can think of the need for electricity, outdoor power can do.
· Use the projector, Boil hot water
· Charging digital devices (drones, cell phones, computers)
· Use of car refrigerator
3, if the caravan, has a long time in outdoors, outdoor power can be considered a necessary item.
4, mobile office, when there is no place to charge, you can ensure that the computer or cell phone, is a long time without worrying about the problem of electricity, then the battery life of the charging power is too strong.
5, for friends in the field of fishing, outdoor power can be charged for the field fishing light, or directly as a fishing light to use.
6, for photography friends, the outdoor power supply is a more practical scenario.
· Can replace the need to bring a lot of batteries, to power the photography lights.
· Or as an LED light, for fill light use.
7, outdoor operations, for high-powered equipment, an outdoor power supply is also a necessary item.
8, emergency backup.
Not only must be in outdoors to have the use of outdoor power. Home power outage, outdoor power can be used as an emergency light.
For example, with the various natural disasters that occurred this year, and the community power outage for a long time, the importance of the outdoor power supply is reflected. Boiling hot water, cell phone charging, etc.

3, shopping for outdoor power, what are the points to note? (Focus)

1, what is the use of wattage?

Each power device, there is use power. If the power of the battery does not reach, it can not bring up.

2, the difference between mAh and Wh.

Although the above has been slightly introduced, this is the most misleading point, I'll explain.
In a nutshell: When looking at mAh only, you can't know what the real capacity is because the power of the appliance is different.
mAh (milliamps) is the unit of power and indicates the charge Q that the battery can hold or release.
It is common: we will say the capacity of a cell phone battery or rechargeable battery, is how many mAh.
Wh is the unit of power consumption, indicating the work that the battery can do.
Conversion between Wh and mAh: Wh*1000/Voltage = mAh.
A 300Wh outdoor power supply can be charged 300 /14.4 ≈ 20 times.
To summarize briefly:
1, the power is relatively small outdoor power supply (300W or less), more to see mAh, because more care is: how many times can the power equipment be charged.
2, the power of the larger outdoor power supply (500W or more), more to see Wh, because you can better calculate the power supply time for high-power devices.
For example, a 500W rice cooker + 600Wh capacity outdoor power supply can be directly calculated to use time: 600 / 500 = 1.2 hours. If you use mAh to express, it is more difficult to calculate.

3, Charging method

Charging at home
Traveling car charging
Solar panel charging (outdoor)
If you stay outdoors for a long time, or if you are outdoors for a long time like an RV, solar panels are still necessary.
In the purchase of outdoor power, different brands will have a set combination: outdoor power + solar panels (the price will increase).

4, the output waveform

Only pure sine waves will not damage electrical appliances, especially digital devices, so you have to pay attention to the purchase.

4, Model recommendation

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