AcoucouBatteries' focus is on deep-cycle high-capacity battery cells, providing the best solution for energy supply. With the main focus on Grade A Cell LiFePO4, we can provide the world's top three lithium iron phosphate core technology.We have 5 production centers, and 22 production lines to ensure the stability of the production capacity. Nowadays our main products include Portable Power Station, RV Battery, HomeEnergy, etc. Our products have been exported to Southeasts Asia, Europe, America, and many other countries. Those of you who are familiar with us know that we take customer feedback very seriously, and we spend a lot of money upgrading our products based on customer feedback, even though it costs a lot more in terms of labor and money. That's because we love what we do!

About Acoucoubatteries

To put it simply, we just want to simply provide unlimited power.You can simply think of us as a simple company that was founded in '98.In fact, our simple industry-leading technology and production research capabilities allow our simple products to simply cover the globe.
Acoucoubatteries currently brings the industry's top MaxOne LiFePO4 battery series, as well as upcoming portable charging stations and home energy storage, dedicated to providing a comprehensive energy solution.

Historical Background

Founded in 1998 as part of the Gecen Group, the company specializes in the development and production of batteries and is known for its top-notch technical manufacturing capabilities.

Development Status

The years spent in the past researching how to produce more practical and efficient batteries and energy systems will be implemented and applied to your life in the future.

Future Expectation

We are committed to solving all aspects of energy problems in people's lives, and easily realize "Unlimited Power" life.

Product Categories

We specialize in the production of non-toxic, long-life, zero-maintenance, deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries with improved discharge and charging efficiency. In addition, we provide total power supply solutions for power stations, home energy systems, etc.

Brand Events

Currently, we have participated in several offline technology exhibitions around the world and have our own exclusive showcase, such as CABSAT 2019 in Dubai, IBC9 2019 in Amsterdam, etc. Welcome to face to face.

Be Global Partner

We have 27,000 square meters of R&D and production sites and a strong product supply system to help our partners do business better around the world.>>>Contact Us Here<<<



If you have any questions, or some ideas about batteries, please feel free to contact us.

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MaxOne LiFePo4 

12V 50Ah

MaxOne LiFePo4

12V 100Ah

MaxOne LiFePo4

12V 200Ah

MaxOne LiFePo4

12V 300Ah

MaxOne LiFePo4

24V 100Ah

Power Station

coming soon


Professionalism, reliability, sustainability and co-development have always been our role in global trade. While providing the most reliable energy solutions to our customers, we welcome more technology and energy enthusiasts to join us to grow together.

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