Why Do We Choose Acoucou Batteries?

Why Do We Choose Acoucou Batteries?

Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries are an excellent choice for a variety of applications due to their numerous advantages. Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries offer a longer lifespan compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice. Smart BMS makes them ideal for use in critical systems where reliability is paramount. Their high energy density and fast-charging capabilities make them suitable for many vehicles, solar energy storage, and various other power storage needs. Moreover, these batteries are environmentally friendly, with low toxicity and recyclability, aligning with the growing focus on sustainable energy solutions. Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries provide a reliable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly power storage solution for a wide range of applications.




Acoucou LiFePO4 battery adopts A-grade cells

A-Grade Cells

Cells are divided into 3 grades: A, B and C. Our batteries all use A-grade cells which have the best internal resistance, capacity, consistency and cycling; longer lifespan; better discharge performance, and can even discharge at high power for a long time.
First-Hand Cells
    We cooperate with top cell companies in the world, and all use completely new first-hand cells. Although second-hand cells are cheaper, their lifespan is much shorter, and quality and after-sales service are difficult to guarantee. The first-hand cells have their own ID and second-hand cells do not have.
    Prismatic Cells
      Our batteries use prismatic cells with high structural strength and good ability to withstand mechanical load to protect cells better.


      Smart BMS

      Multiple protections


      BMS of Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries has 8 way protect 


      Connected with Bluetooth

      Adopt a BMS protection board loaded with an intelligent module and debugged to realize APP Bluetooth smart connection to monitor the voltage, current, SOC,SOH, etc at any time. 
      Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries with Bluetooth



      Extending battery life

      BMS can effectively extend the service life of batteries through optimized control of charging and discharging, as well as monitoring and management of battery parameters.




      Comparison between Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries and lead-acid batteries



      8× Longer Life

      Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries have 6000-12000 deep cycles and can be used for 10 years at recommended conditions because of the high-quality cells.
      The typical SLA has 300-400 cycles. Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries extend the battery lifespan by 8x more than lead-acid batteries.

      High Efficiency

      It provides up to 95% of its rated capacity while a lead-acid battery is usually limited to 50%. You get all the juice down to the last drop. It can support solar panel charging. SOC and DOD can be up to 100%.

      Flexible Installment

      Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries use traditional lead-acid case sizes, and they are only 1/3 of the weight of a lead-acid battery, allowing most users to move, arrange, and install them without assistance.
      Our batteries support the 4P4S connection, so you can DIY the system and add batteries as you need.

      7-Year Warranty

      Compared with other brands with 5-year warranty, we provide 7-year warranty for all products.

      Metal Casing

      Different from plastic cases, metal cases protect batteries from damage better.
      Acoucou LiFePO4 battery uses metal case



      3 Flexible Charging Ways


      Acoucou LiFePO4 has 3 charging ways



      Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries offer a compelling choice for those seeking reliable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly energy storage solutions. With their superior safety features, extended lifespan, and high energy density, these batteries are well-suited for a wide range of applications, such as golf carts, RVs, solar systems and other vehicles. By choosing Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries, consumers and businesses can benefit from a reliable and eco-friendly energy storage solution that meets their diverse needs.

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