What are the specific steps for connecting solar panels and Acoucou Li

What are the specific steps for connecting solar panels and Acoucou LiFePO4 batteries on aN RV?

Solar power is becoming increasingly common for RVs, allowing you to run your lights and appliances cleanly, rather than relying on fossil fuel generators. Solar panels also allow you to freely camp in areas off the grid and where generators are not allowed, without having to find an available connection point in crowded campsites. Now let's discuss how to connect solar panels to Acoucou batteries.



Basic Components of an RV Solar System


Acoucou batteries use the most advanced BMS system to protect battery safety and have an over-7-year lifespan.
  • Inverter:It can convert direct current energy (batteries) into constant frequency and constant voltage, or variable frequency and variable voltage alternating current (usually 220V, 50Hz sine wave). Simply put, an inverter is a device that converts low-voltage DC into 220V AC.
  • Auxiliary Components: These include fuses and wires that connect the various components of the system.

Installation instructions

  1. Install the solar panel on the roof of the RV.
  2. Install the charging controller in the RV as close to Acoucou batteries as possible.
  3. Connect your wires from the solar panels to the RV and then to the charging controller. (Wires can enter the holes in the RV such as the air vents or pipes in the refrigerator, if these areas are near Acoucou batteries. If there are no vents and pipes, you can drill a hole on the roof of the RV to lay the wires and thoroughly cover and plug any drilled holes to prevent water from entering.). You should install a fuse or circuit breaker on this line.
  4. Connect the wires of the charging controller to the battery pack. A fuse slightly larger than the rated current of the charging controller should be installed on these wires.
  5. The solar system has been completely installed, but the solar panel has not yet been connected to the controller. Before the final connection, all wiring must be carefully checked to ensure that the positive and negative poles are correct. Then, you can plug the solar panel into the charging controller. We suggest doing so at night or when covering the solar panels with a blanket to prevent sparks.
  6. The inverter should be as close to Acoucou batteries as possible and an appropriate circuit should be connected to the inverter.


RV solar system



Additionally, it's important to regularly monitor and maintain your RV solar system so that it has a longer lifespan. Acoucou batteries can be monitored by the APP with muti Bluetooth. If the components have some trouble, you need to replace them in a timely manner.

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