There has never been a better time to go Acoucou Solar Energy Storage

There has never been a better time to go Acoucou Solar Energy Storage System.

NEM 3.0 is a new version of the CPUC's proposed Net Energy Metering Policy.

A preliminary analysis of the NEM 3.0 suggests that the future ROI of solar + battery storage will be roughly equal to the current ROI of solar. With this in mind, pairing solar and batteries becomes more attractive because you get the same ROI and the added benefit of having battery backup for power outages.
Promote and encourage solar and battery pairing.
That’s because generating solar electricity in California isn’t the issue; the problem is storing and using it, since peak solar production doesn’t align with peak energy consumption.

In fact, the NEM 3.0 export rates can be as high as $3.32 per kWh during peak demand hours in September. Homeowners with battery storage under NEM 3.0 can earn ~$200 per week by storing solar electricity generated during the day and exporting it to the grid during these high-value windows.
Overall, the return on investment for solar and battery storage will be roughly equal to the return on investment of solar-only systems under NEM 3.0 solar billing.

The next California power outage is a matter of when not if. But that doesn't mean your family can't stay safe. From rolling blackouts to lightning storms to simply spending more time at home, be the house on the block where the lights shine bright, and the energy bills drop.
Electricity costs are rising across the country. But if you produce your own solar electricity and store it onsite with Acoucou Energy Storage, make your own clean energy, store the excess for peak times and power outages.

We are a leading manufacturer of batteries and home energy storage solutions that is revolutionizing and redefining the way sustainable energy sources are harnessed across the world. We offer the best quality home energy storage batteries, whether wall-mounted, stacked, or outdoor, all-in-one Computer energy storage batteries, and inverters.

Backup Energy Storage The ability to have backup power during a grid outage


Our factory is producing all-in-one hybrid solar charge inverters in large quantities. This means that customers can use the solar system more easily, even if they don't know anything about battery connections.

Our clients have seen significant reductions in their electricity costs, saving tens of thousands of dollars over the years. We are committed to solving all aspects of energy problems in people's lives, and easily realizing "Unlimited Power" life.


California Homeowners, it's time to make summer an eco-friendly season!
Federal and State Tax Credits only available to homeowners who install Solar by December 31, 2023!

You can now protect yourselves against the inevitable energy rate increases.
Get it now and experience reliable power like never before. Portable Energy Storage:


By adding battery storage, homeowners can store solar energy generated during the day and deliver it to the grid at night when export prices are highest.

Spare batteries:

Storing excess solar power to use when you need it most! That's what you can expect from our All-In-One Portable Energy Storage.
We can help you! IF you are considering options for off-grid power, regularly experience blackouts / brownouts and unreliable power, and your off-grid lead acid battery system is no longer efficient and needs to be upgraded to the latest battery technology.
Is solar worth it?
✅ You can cut up to 47% off your average monthly electric bills
✅ You can Save $15K - $30K over the next 10 years
✅ Save on taxes (30% Federal Tax Credit + several other programs)
✅ Increase your home value (on average by 6%!)
✅ Reduce your carbon footprint

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    Recognizing that the grid isn’t always reliable.

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    Recognizing that the grid isn’t always reliable……..

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